IPL Handle Piece Shr Elight

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> UK/USA/Germany xenon flash lamp 300000-1000000 shots time
> spot size 14*40mm big treatment (More spot size is available)
> 3 filter wavelength
> accurate flash button & counter operation
> air+water+semiconductor cooling system
> sapphire crystal refraction
> customize with any connector

2.Technology Parameters for the IPL handpiece

IPL handpiece with 7 filters 

Big size: 15*50nm, 15*50 for hair removal 
Small size:12*30cm for skin rejuvenation.


SHR handle

Wavelength: 640-950nm

Energy Density: 1-50J adjustable

Spot size: 10x40mm, 15x50mm optional

Pulse duration: 1-7ms

Pulse: single

Pulse Repetition Rate: 1-10HZ

IPL handle

 IPL Energy: 1-50J

Pulse No.: 1-6

Pulse duration: 1-10ms

Pulse Delay: 1-100ms

Wavelength: 430/530/640/690nm standard (480/560/590/750nm optional)

Spot size: 10*40mm, 15*50mm optional

One handpiece, 7 treatment functions. 

430nm for acne
480nm-1200nm for acne,vascular lesion.
530nm for red face, red nose, spider veins, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle, speckle removal.
560nm for skin rejuvenation /whitening
590nm for pigmentation removal ,age spots,sun spots,pigmentation troubles
640nm for hair removal 
690nm for hair removal on darker skin 
750nm for hair removal on the darkest skin 

Advantage: With sapphire crystal to ensure the best cooling effect.

With different wavelengths to remove different hair colors. sweeping effect.

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